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本文摘要:They are the new favourite toy of the rich and famous, but it seems the likes of Lauren Goodger, Brooklyn Beckham and Rochelle Humes will no longer be able to use one to glide along the street.漂浮滑板是富人和名人们的女朋友,劳伦·古杰(Lauren Goodger)、布鲁克林·贝克汉


They are the new favourite toy of the rich and famous, but it seems the likes of Lauren Goodger, Brooklyn Beckham and Rochelle Humes will no longer be able to use one to glide along the street.漂浮滑板是富人和名人们的女朋友,劳伦·古杰(Lauren Goodger)、布鲁克林·贝克汉姆(Brooklyn Beckham)和罗谢尔·休谟(Rochelle Humes)都对它青睐深得,但是现在显然,他们再也不能踩着漂浮滑板在大街上滑来滑去了。Thats because prosecutors have revealed that futuristic hoverboards - also known as self-balancing scooters - are illegal to ride on public roads or pavements in Britain.这是因为据检察官透漏,在英国的公路或人行道上用于这种未来派的“漂浮滑板”(也称作自均衡滑板车)是违法的。

The 400 vehicles, which feature a platform with a wheel on each side, can only be used on private property because they are too dangerous to ride in public, the Crown Prosecution Service says.英国皇家检察署(Crown Prosecution Service,CPS)回应,漂浮滑板不能在私人财产的土地上用于,因为在公共场所用于过于危险性了。这种滑板价值400英镑,有一个平台,两侧各有一个轮子。

The scooters, which are also known as segways, have become increasingly popular with actors and footballers over the past year - with many stars seen riding them both in public and at home.在过去的一年里,这种也被称作赛格威均衡车的滑板车更加受到演员和足球运动员的青睐,很多明星常常在公开场合或家里玩游戏这种滑板。The CPS guidance was originally issued for Segways, which include a handlebar and are also not permitted on roads - but the Metropolitan Police said that it also covers hoverboards.CPS的指南最初是针对赛格威(Segway)均衡车公布的。这种均衡车还有一个夹住,也不容许上路,但是伦敦警察厅(Metropolitan Police)称之为,这一规定也限于于漂浮滑板。

It is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride them on the pavement in England and Wales - and, north of the border, under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.根据1835年施行的《高速公路法案》第72条,在英格兰和威尔士的人行道上用于滑板车是违法的,而在英国北部边界的苏格兰这一不道德也是非法的,违背的是1984年施行的《苏格兰公路法》第129条第五款的规定。Meanwhile it is also illegal to ride them on a public road because they are not approved by the European or British test schemes for road-legal vehicles.同时,在公路上踩滑板车上下班也是违法的,因为它们没通过欧洲或者英国的公路合法行经工具管理制度测试。

CPS guidance states: You can only ride an unregistered self-balancing scooter on land which is private property and with the landowners permission.CPS公布的指南规定:“予以注册的自均衡滑板车仅有可在私人财产的土地上用于并须要取得土地所有人许可。”The Department for Transport would advise that appropriate safety clothing should be worn at all times.“英国交通部(Department for Transport)建议用于滑板车时穿著必要的防水服装。”Simon Benson, from hoverboard distributor Ghetto Gadgets, claimed that the legal clarification could boost the vehicles profile and lead to them becoming even more popular.漂浮滑板经销商Ghetto Gadgets的西蒙·本森(Simon Benson)称之为,这项明文规定不会提高漂浮滑板的形象,使其更加热门。

Clearly customers need to take advice, but millennials are not going to take kindly to the authorities using a law that pre-dates the penny-farthing to tell them what they can or cant do on the streets of Britain.“顾客当然必须遵循建议,但是当局援引比古董自行车还久远的法律来告诉他千禧一代在英国大街上什么能做到什么无法做到,这些年轻人可会买账。”The boards are also becoming massively popular in the US, with hundreds of different products now available in response to huge demand following their use by the likes of actor Jamie Foxx and singer Justin Bieber.漂浮滑板在美国也引发了一股热潮,演员杰米·福克斯(Jamie Foxx)和歌手贾斯汀·比伯(Justin Bieber)等人都是漂浮滑板的拥趸,从而造就了极大的市场需求,成百上千种漂浮滑板产品琳琅满目。American stars such as Kendall Jenner are being sent free samples of the boards by companies scrambling for market share and using celebrity endorsement to raise awareness of their products in a crowded marketplace.漂浮滑板公司向尼克达尔·詹娜(Kendall Jenner)这样的美国明星派发免费样车,以在竞争白热化的市场中争夺战更好的份额、利用名人效应提升本公司产品的知名度。



The 19-year-old model posted on Instagram about how she was using the PhunkeeDuck board, and it got more than one million likes - sending demand through the roof.这名19岁的模特儿在Instagram上张贴一张照片,展出了她是如何用于PhunkeeDuck滑板车的,取得了一百多万个拜,大大推高了市场需求。There has also been a dispute between makers of the IO Hawk and PhunkeeDuck hoverboards over who invented the vehicle in the first place.漂浮滑板生产商IO Hawk和PhunkeeDuck之间也就到底谁年所发明者了漂浮滑板而再次发生争端。Last month Wal-Mart announced that it would be stocking the vehicle from November, saying that it expects it to be a big seller for Christmas.上个月,沃尔玛宣告将从11月起储备漂浮滑板,回应沃尔玛预计漂浮滑板将在圣诞节大买。The law on using hoverboards in the US is not entirely clear, but 45 states are said to permit electric personal assistive mobility devices - including Segways - on public rights of way.漂浮滑板的涉及法规在美国并不几乎具体,但是据传有45个州依据公众通行权,容许“电动个人辅助移动设备”上路,还包括赛格威。

Among the other products companies are using in an attempt to corner the market are the Hovertrax, Cyboard and Future Foot.企图独占漂浮滑板商品市场的公司发售的产品还有Hovertrax,Cyboard和Future Foot。The CPS advice comes after a teenager was beaten in the face and robbed by four men for his 300 hoverboard in Enfield, north London - the first case of its kind in the capital.CPS公布这项指南前,一个少年在伦敦北部的恩菲尔德(Enfield)被四个男人打死面部,价值300英镑的漂浮滑板也被抢走了,这在伦敦是首例。Police said the 18-year-old victim was riding the hoverboard when a car stopped in front of him and the gang surrounded him, before one of the attackers hit him and stole the vehicle.警方回应,这名受害者18岁,当时他正在街上踩着滑板车减速,一辆车停车在他前面,一群人下来冲入了他,之后一个人攻击了他并拿走了他的车。USrapper Wiz Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was handcuffed by customs officials in August after refusing to get off his hoverboard at Los Angeles Airport in California.美国饶舌歌手维兹·卡利法(Wiz Khalifa),本名卡梅伦·吉布里尔·托马兹(Cameron Jibril Thomaz),8月份时因为在加州的洛杉矶机场拒绝接受从漂浮滑板上下来,被海关官员手铐上了手铐。